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Windows 7…Here I Am..

Posted on: May 13, 2009

After Days of agony, I successfully installed Windows 7 yesterday with much-needed help from our-very-own Google :). I take it as an achievement because of the fact that I didn’t use my DVD drive to install it and instead, I used my new USB Flash drive to do the same.

After many tries, I had almost given up, as I was not able to boot my PC with the USB drive. I had tried many a methods given on the internet. The problem with all those methods was that they were meant to be acted upon in Vista; and I wanted to use my XP machine for it. Finally I found a article which was yet another article about the doing the specified task in Vista. But, thanks to a person who had commented in that article, I got what I was looking for. After that I mingled all the steps to boot and install from my USB drive.

As daunting a task it was for me, it might be for others too. Hence, I decided to bring together and filter all those steps to present a short-yet-working step-by-step solution of installing “Windows 7 from a USB Drive using Windows XP“. Here is the solution:

  • Download Windows 7 RC iso file from here (Remember it’s a 2.39GB of download, so it will take time…Have Patience šŸ˜‰ ).
  • Make sure your USB drive and motherboard support booting from a USB Drive.
  • Prepare your USB drive by- (1) Formatting it (Go to My Computer and right-click on your USB Drive. Then left-click on “Format”). (2) Making it “Active” by going to “Computer Management” under “Administrative Tools” in Control Panel. Then click on “Disk Management” in the left-hand panel. Then select your USB drive in the right-hand panel and make it active by right-clicking it and then selecting the appropriate action.
  • Now comes the part which made me tear my hair out..Making the USB drive bootable..The simplest solution is to download an ISO utility called UltraISO and installing it on your system. Then run UltraISO and open the Windows 7 RC iso file which you downloaded in the first step. Then click on the “Bootable” option in the top menu. Then select “Write To Disk”. Now make sure your USB drive is selected as the destination and click on the “Write” button. Your drive is bootable when it shows “Burn Successful”.
  • Now You can restart your system and change your BIOS settings to boot from the USB drive. The setup starts automatically and is easy to perform.

Hope the above solution will help those who need a solution for installing Windows 7 from a USB drive. This method might be workable for other OS’s too if someone has a bootable iso file of the OS to install.

Here is a video of my installation experience (with FM Radio as background music :P):


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