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Can U Steal this bike??

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My sudden absence from the blog-scene has a very unpleasent reason. My home PC’s got some problem. If my Optical drive problem was not enough; there came another one to bug me. This time its the graphics solution thats causing the problem. There is no display on the monitor, though it boots properly. At first, I thought it was a problem with the monitor, but after checking it, I found out that its not the monitor but the video-out connector that is causing the problem.

This might be a minor problem, and may get repaired easily, but, I am in a mood to replace my motherboard and get more RAM and a new graphics card. I hope I will be able to get these things soon. Until then, am left with no other choice but to blog from office.

At office front, I have got a new project to work on. It has been a good experience working on it and looking forward to meet the deadline.

Alas! The Block-bug has bitten our System Administrator finally.. and so, we are left with no ‘Socializing’ options. All of the social-networking websites have been blocked at my work place. No Orkut, No Facebook. It’s been a tough time for us since then 😦

Initially, I felt it would be very hard to survive, but as the time passed (2-3 days), I have been able to settle down and have read the wrinting on the wall – NO ORKUT. It’s not that difficult after all, because as it is, I was increasingly getting disenchanted by this social-interaction thing anyways.

The good part is that GMail has been spared the hammer and we are allowed to access our beloved email service. This can partly b attributed to the fact that GMail has the word ‘google’ in its domain name, which could, in turn, not be blocked for obvious reasons. For long, GMail has been the main interaction tool for me and many others like me. It’s inbuilt chat feature allows instant chat which is more than we could ask for. Most of the mail services are allowed, so there won’t be a problem for others too.

Still, it remains to be seen how effective this is going to be and how the efficiency increases in our work-place. As for other people, some have even found out ways to bypass the blockings, to access the social networking site of their choice.

It has almost been a fortnight since my last writeup, which was due to the fact that I was too busy to write. A few dinner parties, loads of work in office and yes! the blog site too has been blocked :(. Also, I didn’t have much to write. Lastly, I forgot to write about the winner of the IPL2; its Deccan Chargers this time, the minnows of last year have risen to the occasion and have left everyone else biting the dust. Kudos to them…