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An unabloomed bud,
devoured by crafty societal bugs,
Yet the core is left,
screened due to fear of theft.
Replenish with feelings concealed
and wrath unrevealed.
where lights the hope
A man from the mob will cope.
Grant her solace,
And, Abet to avenge
for her wounds and griefs,
With, determination and courge.
People with golden hearts are rare,
still there are many
To nurture her with love and care.
shall there be one,
Who could,
rebloom her-with
essences of life, and
give her none, cries and sighs.

-Padmaja Mishra

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In a cloudy night
i saw a plane
makin its way through,
the shady lane.
It swing a little high,
then swing a little low,
and looked like a swinging bird.
The show was a glimpse of an eye,
and after that it was seen no more,
but that very day i came to know,
where there is hope, there’s scope.
Never do kneel infront of plights,
the dawn prevails even upon the,
deadliest night.
The feeling throve in my heart,
never deflect from thy path,
trials and tribulations are,
for a while,
sucess is for the whole life.

-By Padmaja Mishra.