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Finally, I am back in office after four days of homely-bliss 😉

Office seems to be usual (No work 😛 for me) so here I am back with my blog. Yesterday, it struck me that I have an account at WordPress too which has been left idle since long. I thought I should give it a go and so I headed to the site to get going, only to realize in a few minutes that it was too complicated for a simple blogger(pun intended) like me. I did replicate my blog entries there too but I dont like to have so-much “POWER” in my hands..thats why I am back to my good-ol’ blogger. As it is, I like everything Google 😛

I recently added RSS feed(after the idea caught me, due to a colleague’s query) for the same blog at blogger which others may subscribe to by clicking here. I have started following 2 blogs but haven’t subscribed to their feeds as I like to subscribe for news feeds only (Read: I want to keep my Google Reader clean, by subscribing to news only). Anyways, I have subscribed to them using email, which I found to be a much better way of following others’ blogs.

Now comes the important part, this “wave of blogging” has swept our office; with more and more people joining it (including me). Watch-Out UPTEC, here comes the Blog-Revolution!!



शायद पहले ब्लॉग में हेल्लो वर्ल्ड कहना बहुत ज़रूरी है..इसीलिए मैंने सोचा मैं भी कह दूँ 😛

After writing a few foolish (one named nonsense :P) blogs, I have finally got down to write a serious one. Got inspiration from one of my colleagues, who in turn, got inspiration from someone else.

Today is the proud moment when I have cast my very first vote and am anxiously waiting for the results as it would decide the future course of our Country.

Hope I would take out some time to write more often now…

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