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I haven’t been able to write since long. This has mostly been due to the fact that I moved to other platforms to write out my rants. Also, I experienced a huge change in my life in this absence…I got married 🙂

Life was moving steadily since then..until I decided to switch my job and that I did in April this year. Along with job change came the decision to move out of my hometown (Lucknow) to Mohali. And hence started my new journey..here I am in Mohali.

I came here alone. Had to manage all things by myself including the usual household chores. During this time I even learnt how to cook (not that I was illiterate earlier; but still I learnt something I had not done before). Over the past six months I learnt and cooked a lot of dishes. Some were good, some just okay and some were really bad. Will try to upload some pics some time later. I developed a habit of taking photographs of the food I cooked and sending them over to my wife.

Then, in August 2011, I fulfilled my long-cherished dream of buying a touch-based mobile phone in the form of Samsung’s Galaxy Ace. Actually, I didn’t buy it but rather it was gifted to me. All in all its a decent phone for its price but there are better options available too. I wanted to get LG’s Optimus One but none of the shopkeepers had it and everyone pushed for a Samsung phone (Galaxy Fit). I settled for Galaxy Ace because of its better configuration. Its been 2 and a half months now and it works fine. The only place where it lacks is its internal memory. It is a paltry ~200 MB considering the fact that all the apps are installed on internal memory by default. It took me a hack to get it to install apps on the memory card but still it would have been better if it had more internal memory (because the app data still get stored on internal memory) or if it had an inbuilt option to store applications on memory card. I know there is a hack available which enables the phone to install the apps on the memory card along with their data but it requires us to ‘ROOT’ the phone which essentially voids the warranty.

One fine day, I installed an app on my phone which inspired me to think of developing apps for Android platform. After much research and downloads, I was able to develop a Hello World! app and was able to run it successfully on my phone. After that I started work on a full fledged app. I have completed the app today and will write another post describing the app and provide a download link for it too.

After the Diwali celebrations at home, I got back to Mohali with my wife 🙂 and so now I am relieved from the work of cooking although I do try to help her whenever possible.

This was a very brief description of the changes that I have experienced over time (mostly while I was absent from this platform). I am looking forward to staying in touch more often now.