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Just read the news of Rajasthan Royals from IPL2 after having blast of a season last year and their event-full winning of the championship. This time around, they didn’t seem to be in their earlier form and lost a match every-now-and-then, which was in strike contrast to last year when they didn’t loose a single match.

Still I think they played well enough. Even Shane Warne had this to say after losing their deciding match: “We played Great Cricket.”

There has been sudden change in fortunes of Kolkata Knight Riders, who, after loosing almost all of their matches, were able to spring two surprises. One was their game with Chennai Super Kings, where they beat them Hands-down while chasing a massive score of 188. The second game was this one, where they were able to shatter the IPL dreams of Rajasthan Royals. Although this ain’t going to get them through to semi-finals, yet they spoiled the party of Rajasthan Royals.

Cricket has always been a strange game with strange outcomes; IPL2 surely is one such example of the same. Lets see who’s the champ this time.