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After days of facing the Heat-Wave, yesterday brought some relief in the form of thunder-showers. A super-cool weather followed and still remains to sooth our lives :D. A welcome respite from the burning-Sunny days it has been.

A day before, my 3 year-old CRT monitor started giving me jitters. The display would go blank (No Display Signal) any moment and then get back after a slap or two. Sometimes even these slaps didn’t work and I got so frustrated with it that I decided to replace it with my 11 year-old CRT monitor (I haven’t changed it as yet, though). It was happening so randomly that I could not complete my work and hence decided to leave it as is. Then yesterday, I was not able to switch my monitor and get my work done because of the power-cut which, in turn, was due the bad (or should I say, Good :)) weather.

..After anxiously waiting for a week or so, I finally got my hands on the RC of Windows 7 this sunday. As my DVD-Writer is at fault (yes..DVD-Writer too :(), I searched for ways to install Windows 7 from my USB drive. After hours of Research and work, I finally got a bootable USB drive with W7 setup ready to be installed. Then I took a backup of my music library and the moment I wanted to start the installation process; BLANK!!…uuurrrrgggghhhh…the monitor… What happened next has been described above.

And so, here I am waiting for my turn to get down-and-dirty with W7. I hope today would be THEE day of reckoning for me(Let’s pray to the rain-gods…Amen).