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Then, there were days when MTV was an acronym for Music Television. Come the age of Reality TV, and the ‘MUSIC’ element of MTV is no where to be seen. The channel is loaded with loads of programs based on ‘Reality’ which is meant to evoke people’s senses and thereby increase its TRP.

Initially I used to enjoy the show ‘Roadies’. Now I don’t.. And this change is due to the overdose. More amount of drama has been thrown into it. Then there are shows which give us more insight into the lives of Roadies and the making of the show. Who needs all this ‘awe-inspiring’ insight for that matter? I don’t, for sure.

It would have been OK if it was just Roadies, but now there’s a whole new breed of Reality-based programs thrown in. Whenever I switch to MTV, hoping to find some good music playing there…I am disappointed to find yet another show of some ‘Fast N Gorgeous’ or ‘SplitsVilla’ or the ‘Teen Diva’.

In a way, its not MTV’s fault, after all they show it because people like such shows which evident from the fact that every other channel is showing atleast one Reality-based show.

Anyways, this has made me move away farther from TV…Yes, Internet is my saviour.